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Criminal Law

The attorney’s at Bolkovac Law practice every facet of criminal law from summary offenses to misdemeanor and felony charges. We handle cases before magistrates, the Court of Common Pleas and have handled appeals before the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Courts. Our experience includes handling ARD and Probation without Verdict cases, preliminary hearings, pre-trials motions, formal arraignment, criminal call, trials and guilty pleas.


Expungement is the legal process in which a court order is used to remove or erase criminal and civil charges from a record viewable or attainable by the general public. In cases of criminal charges, expungement can occur for arrest records, pre-trial diversion cases, juvenile cases and some convictions. Recent Pennsylvania law allows for partial expungement of enumerated misdemeanor convictions to enable certain offenders to pursue employment or educational ventures. On the civil side, expungement is possible for certain mental health records or disabilities which may prevent the possession or ownership of firearms.