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Involuntary and Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

Unfortunately, for many families, there may be parents that do not fulfill their role as parents for their children. In these difficult cases, many seek to terminate those parents’ rights. This process can be done with or without the consent of the parent(s). Our firm will guide you through this process and we have achieved numerous successful results for our clients.

Grandparent Rights

In Pennsylvania, grandparents have rights to seek custody and/or visitation with their grandchildren if they meet certain criteria. Quite often, grandparents may become the primary caregivers for their grandchildren. As the law regarding grandparents’ rights is always changing and evolving, please contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your rights to your grandchildren. We represent several grandparents and have had extremely successful results for our clients.

Guardianship-Incapacitated Persons and Minors

There are two types of guardianship that a person can obtain—one is for an incapacitated person and one is for a minor child. Many times, families of loved ones are faced with making decisions, both medically and financially because their loved one is not in a condition to make the decisions themselves. However, without a Court Order, medical and financial institutions will not permit you to make these decisions.

We file a petition with the Court in order to have family members appointed as Guardian so that any decisions can be made on their behalf. When a minor child loses their parents, it is devastating not only to the child but to the people who remain to care for that child. The caretaker must have an Order of Court in order to enroll the child in school, take the child to the doctor, etc. We will guide you through this difficult process by filing the necessary petitions, presenting the petitions to the judge, and ensuring that you can take care of your loved ones when necessary.