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Civil Law

License Suspensions

There are various motor vehicle violations which mandate a license suspension, including various criminal offenses. We understand how charges may affect your operating privileges and have successfully avoided these penalties on behalf of our clients. In addition to fighting for you before a magistrate, we handle various licensing matters with PennDOT.


At Bolkovac Law, we assess every Driving Under the Influence case for issues regarding the initial motor vehicle stop, field sobriety testing, breathylizer testing and blood draws. Our attorneys have extensive experience at preliminary hearings, pre-trial motion hearings, trials and pleas. Despite Pennsylvania’s mandatory minimum sentencing statutes, we are familiar with acquiring plea agreements for Intermediate Punishment sentences which includes house arrest in lieu of jail time.


Expungement is the legal process in which a court order is used to remove or erase criminal and civil charges from a record viewable or attainable by the general public. In cases of criminal charges, expungement can occur for arrest records, pre-trial diversion cases, juvenile cases and some convictions. Recent Pennsylvania law allows for partial expungement of enumerated misdemeanor convictions to enable certain offenders to pursue employment or educational ventures. On the civil side, expungement is possible for certain mental health records or disabilities which may prevent the possession or ownership of firearms.


Our practice has handled numerous firearms-related cases, not only in criminal and civil court, but in administrative hearings with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Many criminal cases in recent years have centered on the illegal attempt to purchase a firearm by completing state and federal forms at a firearms dealership. For the unfortunate, improper completion of these forms will lead to felony and misdemeanor criminal charges being filed by law enforcement. We provide representation to those in need of criminal defense. Moreover, we have been successful with civil expungement of mental health disabilities to restore your right to legally own a firearm. Feel free to contact Bolkovac Law for a free telephone consultation about your case.