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Child Support

When parents separate, it is common for one parent to file for support from the other parent. The Court uses a specific set of guidelines in determining the amount but it is important to know the various factors that come into play and to understand your legal rights when you have to appear in Court. We at Bolkovac Law have also negotiated private support agreements if the parties wish to handle these matters out of court.

Many people are uncomfortable working through the legal process, and they do not know what to expect as they are getting divorced. For many people, the child support guidelines are a large shock. People do not understand how child support is determined and how various aspects of their life can influence the amount they must give or receive.

Both parents are responsible for supporting and caring for their child(ren). Child support is determined using a formulaic guideline amount that takes into consideration each parent’s gross monthly income, the amount spent on work-related child care each month, and the premiums paid to provide healthcare and dental care for the child(ren).  The formula also takes into consideration the arrangements regarding custody of the children and the number of days the non-custodial parent has visitation with the child(ren).  Other factors that a court may consider include imputed income to a party who is voluntarily unemployed or voluntarily under-employed; any special needs of a child resulting from any physical, emotional, or medical conditions; a written agreement, stipulation, consent order, or decree between the parties, which includes the amount of child support; and such other factors as are necessary to consider the equities for the parents and child(ren).

At Bolkovak Law, we work closely with clients, helping them understand the child support guidelines and the rights and responsibilities that come with paying or receiving child support.